What Are Virtual Data Room Providers Like?

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Electronic data rooms have become widely used in various businesses. To join the ranks of the top virtual data room providers, a company should be able to offer its clients a broad set of services, each having 100% quality and ensuring productivity. But there’s a lot of confusion with VDR vendors and the main reason is that they vary in their abilities dramatically. Also, there still exists a certain misunderstanding of what a VDR provider is and which services it offers. Some would take for a VDR a service that is not a VDR at all! Let’s have no further mix-up and get the things straight.

VDR Technology: What It Is & Who Needs It

Virtual data rooms like dataroom-providers.org are integrated software with a complex organization that allows secure sharing of all types and volumes of information as well as online interaction during various transactions. To offer such a set of services, a VDR provider needs to use certified, industry-standard equipment and meet the global standards applied for VDRs.

On the other hand, even the best data room providers - trusted and fully certified - differ. Their services are similar but not the same. Thus, your choice of a VDR vendor may depend on the purpose. The Top 5 operations that can be ideally run through this or that type of VDR include: 


The mere appearance of VDRs might be the merit of Mergers & Acquisitions of the past. These massive transactions between businesses require the highest level of security and team-play.

Legal Audits

Legal due diligence is usually conducted in order to obtain a license, sell/buy a company, or for any similar reason. It can involve checking the companies’ incalculable records. An electronic data room is the best way to go through such a process without having the sensitive data compromised.


Want to invite investments? Or, your aim is placing funds in a business? The safest and the most effective means of doing it is a VDR.


IPO stands for Initial Public Offering - a procedure of going public. For a company, it can call for becoming more transparent for shareholders-to-be. Different types of legal audits are usually required here, too.

Board Meeting

Online data room software can also serve a good turn inside an enterprise. Security and the ability to unite board members from all parts of the globe are the key VDR features.

There might be other uses of VDRs. For instance, such soft is indispensable when you close deals related to intellectual property, life science technologies, etc.

Services You Get with a Real VDR

Before delving into data room software features, let’s define which things are not VDRs (but are often confused with them). These are various Sharing File services like DropBox, Microsoft One Drive, pCloud, Egnyte, or Google Drive. Surely, they offer some of the VDR’s tools but their functions are much narrower.

In its turn, a real virtual data room will not only give a broader set of instruments. With it, you can expect unprecedented safety excellence. The main features of a nice VDR will be:

  •         Security guarantee
  •         Crash prevention measures
  •         Access adjustability
  •         Unauthorized copying prevention (Redaction options etc)
  •         Easy-to-organize interface
  •         Lots of auto-index & re-index options
  •         Tutorials
  •         Support 24x7

With a set of such instruments, you will be able to organize your VDR beforehand and make any leakage or theft of your data simply impossible. Moreover, this is a nice approach to presenting your company’s positive image.

The List of the Top VDR Providers

Now, you know enough to be able to compare data room services. Among the top reputed names, you are sure to find such vendors as:

  •         IntraLinks
  •         iDeals
  •         Merrill Database
  •         Ansarada
  •         BrainLoop
  •         Digify
  •         EthosData
  •         CapLinked
  •         Secure Docs
  •         Imprima, etc

Of course, this is not the full list. You can come across other VDR services, each of them having common features for all as well as certain peculiarities.

How to Compare VDR Providers?

When trying to compare virtual data rooms from several vendors, the first and the main rule is that you look for the most suitable service for your business purpose. An example of a brief comparison is given below:

VDR provider

Which businesses profit the most

Support 365x24x7

Free Trial




30-day Free Trial





Merrill Database

medium & large


Demo Available






medium & large


30-day Free Trial

Thus, you see that these randomly chosen VDR providers have much in common. However, even such a surface analysis shows which companies will benefit the most from each of them.

Your step #2 then should be visiting websites of VDR providers that interest you. Pay attention to pricing for your exact case and be sensible in measuring it. Examine each vendor’s capacity, services, support, and all the other features that will help you to choose the perfect VDR match for your business.

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